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Gallagher announces new division Executive

Posted on: September 19th, 2014 by



The Gallagher Group – internationally renowned for its innovative solutions in the Security, Animal Management, and Fuel Systems industries – has announced the appointment of Steve Bell to the role of Chief Technology Officer – Security. Bell’s new role is an executive appointment and he now sits on Gallagher’s security division executive management team.

Bell, who has over 25 years’ experience at Gallagher, will lead the company’s security product development and business analyst teams in driving long-term technology and product investment strategies. Bell has extensive experience in product development and senior R&D leadership in the security industry.

“As Gallagher continues its growth in new technologies and new global markets we saw an opportunity to draw on Steve’s extensive technical experience” said Curtis Edgecombe, Global General Manager – Security, for Gallagher. “Steve brings to the role a deep technical knowledge of physical security, cryptography, identity management, new product development, and related fields”.

Gallagher’s suite of Access Control and Perimeter Security technologies has been drawing significant international attention in recent years with a number of award wins for innovation. Gallagher’s security solutions are currently utilised in more than 130 countries around the world, and are employed in all major industries, including: education, ports and airports, military and defence, critical infrastructure, mining, prisons, finance, entertainment and healthcare.

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Major Sydney counter terrorism investigation; two charged

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Following Joint Counter Terrorism Team raids across Sydney, further charges have been laid with a 24 year old man from Merrylands charged with possession ammunition without license and unauthorised possession of a prohibited weapon.

One man has appeared before the courts charged with conspiracy to commit acts in preparation of a terrorist act and financing terrorism.

Nine of those detained today have now been released as investigations continue.

Two women were issued future Court Attendance Notices.

Police stress that this investigation remains active with the principle focus on community safety and preventing any form of terrorist activity on Australian soil.

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Source: Major Sydney counter terrorism investigation; two charged


Good Technology Is First Secure Mobility Provider to Deliver Enterprise Collaboration and Productivity for iOS 8

Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by



Good Technology™, the leader in secure mobility, announced all enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites, including the Good apps and Good Dynamics Platform, are iOS 8 ready, as well as support for new iOS 8 mobile device management (MDM) capabilities. As the first to deliver same-day support for iOS 7 last year, Good customers are able to upgrade to iOS 8 without any disruption in service, exposure of data or compromised security.

Good’s iOS 8 support spans its entire set of applications, including the recently announced Good secure mobile collaboration app, Good for Enterprise®, Good Access™, Good Connect™, Good Share™, Good for Salesforce1, Good Pro™, as well as the Good Dynamics® Secure Mobility Platform. Additionally, Good has enabled iOS 8 support for the more than 1,300 custom apps built on the platform and, through its rich ecosystem of ISV partners, offers immediate availability of a range of iOS 8-ready Good-secured apps.

“Changes in enterprise mobility shouldn’t increase business costs, impact user productivity or compromise on security,” said Christy Wyatt, chairman and chief executive officer at Good Technology. “Our immediate support for iOS 8 across the Good product portfolio and our ISV ecosystem allows customers to seamlessly upgrade and ensure mobile business continuity, while reducing IT costs.”

Good delivers a consistent user and IT experience across all platforms, such as iOS 8, Android and Windows, effectively lowering IT costs. Good allows IT departments to consistently protect apps and data, regardless of device ownership (BYOD or corporate-liable), platform or type of management model (MDM-managed or not). With the latest updates, Good makes it easy for IT to support the latest iOS 8 MDM capabilities, such as new restrictions, the new device enrollment process, managed domains and always-on VPN. There is no server upgrade required, and with most end-user devices configured for auto-update of their apps, the shift to iOS 8 will be transparent.

“iOS 8, which currently commands a significant share of the enterprise, has added new security, productivity and device management features to further facilitate use of Apple devices in a business context. At the same time, the mobile OS landscape in the enterprise is becoming increasingly heterogeneous,” said Jim Lundy, founder and chief executive officer, Aragon Research. “What’s needed is a single solution that provides IT with the ability to consistently secure business apps and data on corporate liable and personal devices, across all OS platforms, but without necessarily requiring management of the device or forcing users to give up their privacy.”

Good’s approach complements the controls offered by iOS 8, and ensures device-independent FIPS-validated encryption with an additional layer of security for data in apps. It also enables businesses to safeguard corporate data without compromising user privacy. A pioneering shared-services framework, with a range of readily available services, allows developers to more quickly build next generation apps that give users innovative business-friendly workflows, such as in the Good secure mobile collaboration app. Additionally, unique mobile service management, which provides the reliability and support businesses need to avoid the outages and cost overruns, combined with easy configuration and cloud-based deployment, provide better manageability at lower cost.

Good has published a comprehensive set of resources to help IT organisations understand the changes coming with iOS 8, including:

  • Attend the webinar, Managing Mobility in an iOS 8 World, on September 23rd at 9:00 AM PDT with live experts
  • Read the Blog: Integrating the latest iOS 8 MDM and productivity enhancements

To learn more about Good’s support of iOS 8, please visit here.

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Source: Good Technology Is First Secure Mobility Provider to Deliver Enterprise Collaboration and Productivity for iOS 8


AUSTRAC suspends registration of a remitter on terrorism financing concerns

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AUSTRAC has taken action to suspend the registration of Bisotel Rieh Pty Ltd, a remitter based in Sydney.

This action has been taken because of the risk the entity poses in relation to terrorism financing.

Terrorist groups need both material and financial support in order to carry out heinous acts such as those we have seen in the media recently.

If you choose to provide this support then you are also choosing to facilitate these crimes.

The continuing work of AUSTRAC and members of Australia’s national intelligence agencies to disrupt terrorism financing is essential in order to detect and prevent terrorist groups growing stronger.

This action further demonstrates the importance of the Coalition Government’s recent announcement of a $20 million resourcing boost for AUSTRAC to establish a new national intelligence team.

This additional funding will be used by AUSTRAC to enhance its analytical capability and to employ additional resources to enable further complex financial intelligence to be undertaken.

Further information can be found here:

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Source: AUSTRAC suspends registration of a remitter on terrorism financing concerns


Apple Pay – What do we know? UL’s Independent Assessment

Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by


UL Logo

On September 9, Apple announced Apple Pay as their mobile payment solution. In this paper, we will describe what we know about Apple Pay in both technical and organizational context, as well as what questions still remain to be answered. As independent experts, our goal is to provide insight and knowledge that UL has gathered, in order to best inform all stakeholders involved

Apple Pay is based on NFC technology for proximity payments and an embedded Secure Element in the iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple Pay uses industry-standard EMV contactless protocols over NFC (and MSD – Magnetic Stripe Data – contactless for backward compatibility for the US market). This makes it compatible with a wide range of contactless payment terminals in deployment today.

Apple Pay is compliant to the EMVCo tokenization framework and works with a tokenized PAN (Device Account Number) and Cryptogram (transaction specific dynamic security code). Apple only uses the token services from payment schemes (currently only Visa Token Service, MasterCard Digital Enablement Services and American Express Tokenization Service).

The iPhone 6 and Apple Watch use an embedded Secure Element to store information for payment. On the iPhone the Secure Element contains the fingerprint information for TouchID authentication. It is unclear if the Secure Enclave used in the iPhone 5S, is also available in the iPhone 6. We assume that the fingerprint data is stored in the Secure Element on the iPhone 6.

Apple does not store card holder information and account numbers (PAN) on the iPhone. Instead of actual debit and credit card information, a unique Device Account Number (tokenized PAN) for each card is assigned, encrypted and stored in the Secure Element. These Device Account Numbers are only stored in the Secure Element of the iPhone and the token service. Not on Apple servers.

When making a purchase, the Device Account Number alongside a transaction- specific dynamic security code is used to securely process the payment. So the actual credit or debit card numbers are never shared with merchants or transmitted with payment. The focus of Apple is on the security aspects of payment.

Apple is putting the focus on privacy. Because the iPhone (and Apple Watch) does not contain actual debit and credit card information, the merchant only receives a tokenized PAN. As part of the transaction, the Secure Element receives payment confirmation. This information is used to store recent purchases in Passbook.

There are no indications that the Device Account Number (tokenized PAN) is used to generate a dynamic PAN for each transaction.

If the iPhone sends the Device Account Number with each transaction, the device could be recognized because the same tokenized PAN is used for each transaction and allows merchants to link a device to multiple transactions.

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch was also announced on 9 September and is expected to be available early 2015. Specifications of the watch are limited but Apple announced that Apple Pay can be used through the watch. The Apple Watch will have NFC and an embedded Secure Element to store payment information. Current information is that payment with the Apple Watch will be authorized with a PIN code and as long as you wear the watch (skin contact monitored by sensors), you can make payments. Once you take off the watch, the PIN code has to be entered again.

The Apple Watch makes Apple Pay for remote payments available on the iPhone 5 series (5, 5C and 5S). As the iPhone 5 series do not have a Secure Element, the Secure Element of the Apple Watch is used via a Bluetooth connection to make remote payments.

To add payment cards to Apple Pay (Passbook), the card holder can link the card information from the iTunes account or take a picture of the card with the camera of the iPhone. The information on the card is verified by Apple with the relevant scheme and the card issuer. After verification, the token service of the scheme will send the Device Account Number (tokenized PAN) to wallet server of Apple which will store the tokenized PAN on the Secure Element in the iPhone.

It is yet unknown what role the issuers will play in the enrolment of payment cards. Will an activation code be needed; or is a $0 transaction be sufficient; or is there a need for a CVC2 validation? Also indications are that in the future 3D SecureCode could be used by Apple to support enrolment.

Proximity Payment iPhone
To make an NFC payment, the card holder taps the iPhone against the terminal and authorizes payment with a fingerprint (TouchID). The Secure Element contains the payment application and is triggered to send, among others, the Device Account Number (tokenized PAN) and a generated transaction specific dynamic security code (cryptogram) to the merchant (terminal).

The tokenized PAN and cryptogram are sent into the acquiring network for processing. The Token Service of the scheme will de-tokenize the PAN to convert to the original PAN. The scheme will validate the cryptogram and send the transaction with original PAN to the issuer (e.g. bank) for approval.

Other questions that are not (yet) answered are:

  • Does Apple Pay allow offline transactions and how are offline counters implemented?
  • Does Apple Pay make a difference between low value payments and high value payments?
  • Are the payment applications from the scheme preloaded into the Secure Element?

Remote Payments iPhone
Apple Pay also supports remote payments. Merchants can develop apps that use Apple Pay to pay for online transactions. The app must use the Apple Pay API to allow the use of this payment method.

The card holder collects items in a shopping cart in the merchant app on the iPhone. When the customer is ready to pay, checkout will be with the Apple Pay option. The card holder authorizes the payment with TouchID and the Device Account Number and dynamic security code are sent to the acquirer/payment gateway. The acquirer/payment gateway forwards the tokens to the Token Service for de-tokenization and validating the cryptogram. The de-tokenized PAN and the cryptogram are sent to the issuer for payment approval. The issuer …read more

Source: Apple Pay – What do we know? UL’s Independent Assessment


Seagate Ships 10 Millionth Solid-state Hybrid Drive

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Seagate Logo

Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX), a worldwide leader in storage solutions, today announced that it has shipped its 10 millionth solid-state hybrid hard drive (SSHD). Seagate pioneered the world’s first SSHD and has experienced rising demand over the last two years for these solutions that offer the speed of SSDs combined with the industry’s highest storage capacities.

SSHDs typically deliver three to four times the performance of traditional hard drives in typical PC workloads, which has been a key factor driving adoption with the leading PC vendors, worldwide. Combining its expertise in both flash and hard disk drive technologies, Seagate’s SSHDs deliver a powerful mix of performance and capacity that is optimized to handle the most demanding requirements of both today’s IT organizations and consumers alike. Today, the demand for systems integrating SSHDs is being fuelled by the explosive data growth from mobile applications, cloud infrastructures, social media, business applications and a wide variety of consumer markets.

“We are seeing growing demand for our SSHDs from the world’s leading PC manufacturers,” said Scott Horn, vice president of global marketing, Seagate. “Hybrid technology is proving to be what we always thought it would be – the ultimate combination of high-performance and capacity needs with the price point that’s right for both budget constrained IT organizations and consumers. This achievement is also a reflection of the continued commitment from our dedicated employees whose relentless dedication and personal pride continue to be the fabric of this company.”

“Solid State Hybrid drives continue to be an economical alternative to pure SSDs for PC users seeking to improve PC system responsiveness. This dynamic is being translated into an industry growth rate exceeding 400% from Seagate’s FY2013 to FY2014,” said Dave Reinsel, IDC’s group vice president for storage and semiconductors, “Seagate is in a strong position to capitalize on this growth given its leadership position and favorable supply chain dynamics.” For more information on Seagate’s Hybrid solution and more please visit

About Seagate
Seagate is a world leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions. Learn more at

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Source: Seagate Ships 10 Millionth Solid-state Hybrid Drive


Data reduction and data mining framework for digital forensic evidence: Storage, intelligence, review and archive

Posted on: September 16th, 2014 by

The volume of digital forensic evidence is rapidly increasing, leading to large backlogs. In this paper, a Digital Forensic Data Reduction and Data Mining Framework is proposed.

The framework outlined is not suggested to replace full analysis, but serves to provide a rapid triage, collection, intelligence analysis, review and storage methodology to support the various stages of digital forensic examinations.

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Source: Data reduction and data mining framework for digital forensic evidence: Storage, intelligence, review and archive


SNP Security’s innovation recognised with NSW Business Chamber Award

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SNP Security Logo

Australia’s largest private security company, SNP Security, has expressed its delight at receiving the regional award for Excellence in Innovation at the NSW Business Chamber Awards, which were held at Sydney’s Luna Park.

The company was asked to demonstrate how the business reacts to changes in the market, including how the business acquires an understanding of emerging customer and market needs, along with evidence of how the business is innovative.

Tom Roche, Managing Director at SNP Security, says he and his staff are thrilled to receive such prestigious recognition.

“Winning this award caps off what has been an incredible year for SNP Security so far. Beyond providing recognition to SNP Security’s employees who have worked so hard, it also helps us to extend the company’s influence amongst clients and the community. This will provide SNP Security with the opportunity to reach out and further challenge perceptions of what the security industry can offer to those people and businesses it impacts.”

In introducing new initiatives over the last 12 months, SNP Security has evolved into an adaptive and agile customer service-centric organisation.

“SNP Security is now focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences, driving a new and innovative culture and providing unexpected levels of service to its employees and customers across Australia,” says Roche. “Innovation is exciting and engaging. The impact for all our people in the cultural transformation is a heightened sense of pride to work for SNP Security as we help contribute to the shaping of the sector,” says Roche.

SNP Security will now join the other regional winners in the state finals, which will take place in Sydney on November 28.

For further information on security solutions, please visit

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Source: SNP Security’s innovation recognised with NSW Business Chamber Award


Participant Information Letter: Multidimensional Statistical Scaling Survey Questionnaire Invitation

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Curtin Uni Logo

My name is Michael Coole, I am currently undertaking a PhD through Curtin University, Western Australia, to highlight and map Physical Security’s knowledge system. Occupational domains are structurally understood through the similarity and contrast between their knowledge categories. The study is using a mathematical process to map the structure of Physical Security knowledge category concepts utilizing two survey questionnaires. As participants open the link you will be randomly assigned one of two surveys to complete.

Aim: To uncover a knowledge structure for physical Security through a cultural domain analysis.

Guidelines: As a security professional it is requested that you spend approximately 15 minutes completing the linked survey. The survey contains a rating scale questionnaire seeking your perceived relationship between matched pairs of physical security concepts. I would like you to score in the questionnaire boxes your perceived degree of difference where 1 indicates the knowledge concepts are Highly Similar and 10 indicates they are Dissimilar.

If you have any questions please contact Michael Coole:

Follow this link to the Survey:

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Source: Participant Information Letter: Multidimensional Statistical Scaling Survey Questionnaire Invitation


Southern Cross Successfully Completes the Second Class of its Leadership Excellence Program

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Southern Cross Group Services (SCGS) is pleased to announce the completion of the second class of its Leadership Excellence Program.

At the Leadership night, held at the NSW Business Chamber Parramatta, students of the SCGS Leadership Excellence Program were awarded certificates on the successful completion of the 12-week program.

David Borger, Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber, graced the occasion and delivered the introductory note congratulating the students and SCGS.

During the evening, students presented on various topics covering the latest in security technology, customer service, event security, compliance, and the legislative provisions.

The Leadership night was also attended by Senior Management from SCGS clientele companies.

General Manager Sam Johnson (3rd from left) congratulates Leadership graduates.

“I firmly believe in providing opportunities for our staff to grow as professionals. The SCGS Leadership Excellence Program enables our employees to take up the role and responsibility of a leader guiding and mentoring their teams, “said Sam Johnson. “As a growing organisation, Southern Cross needs to empower its future leaders to deliver exceptional services to our customers,” Sam further added.

“I am very proud of our students who took up the challenge to formally present diverse topics on the night. Throughout the 12-week program, the students displayed great commitment and tenacity in attending the classes and participating in workshops during their own time, “said Stephen Butt CSM, SCGS National Training and Compliance Manager.

The Leadership Program, developed and driven by Stephen Butt, provides Southern Cross a competitive edge in training and enabling their staff as the leaders of tomorrow. The SCGS Leadership Excellence Program is open to all SCGS employees and guides students through 16 leadership tasks including assignments and handouts for each task.

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Source: Southern Cross Successfully Completes the Second Class of its Leadership Excellence Program